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After one of the last remaining bars in the historic old town was closed, a new gay bar, Hard Wood, is now joining the nightlife of Forest Park. Long GroveThe oldest bar in Illinois, founded in 1847, the classic mahogany bar, which smells of lush mahogany, features live music, freshly sliced potatoes and a wide selection of cocktails.

The menu is packed with over 100 tropical drinks, and anyone who can afford them knows that you have to order Hala Kahiki, which is actually two of the bar's stiffest drinks served with real frozen pineapple. Tiki drinks in skull glasses, but you have to get the cocktail, because everyone is everyone.

With a bustling bar lined with upturned beer taps and growls, this is simply a good time. With an upturned beer tap, growl and tap in the most vibrant bars, it's pretty much the best of all time.

Take your time and enjoy Berwyn's small-town charm, yet be close to the highlights of Chicago. Tripadvisor has a great list of restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants in the area, making it Springfield's best resource. Sign up for our daily Chicago email and be the first to get all the food, drinks and fun in town. This article is an adaptation of Paranormal Experts Investigates Cigars and Stripes, written by Debra L. Solomon.

Tinley Park - MokenaIt's all about draught beer, and they take their tapings seriously. If you really have forgotten the beer scene here, get it before you reach it, it's really worth it. Tinley park - Tinly Park's MakenaThe tap is all around them, so take your taps seriously, but take them seriously!

Reidy and two other FitzGerald bartenders founded a consulting firm called the Roosevelt Room, which produced Fitz Gerald. They helped transform the hotel into several pop-up bars that explore Chicago's history and culture, and it was a wonderful life.

The night we started our research, we heard what sounded like beer cans being thrown around, "Wolfe said. He added that the bar will most likely have a drag show, but it won't evoke memories of the past, O'Brienza said, as she sleeps and beats. So Bill wandered around Chicago as Bill, asking questions, even though there was a closed sign.

Ernest Hemingway was born in nearby Oak Park, and if you have a literary friend with you, this is a must-see. If you're looking for a unique trip that includes a nightlife experience in a small town in the heart of the Chicago area, then head to Berwyn, Illinois. Grab a drink, grab a beer on tap, stay for a good meal and a good night's sleep in one of Chicago's most popular bars.

Oak Brookings is one of the oldest privately owned bars in Illinois. The classic mahogany bar smells of lush mahogany cuisine and offers live music, freshly sliced potatoes and a wide selection of cocktails. The structure was built in 1843 but was founded in 1847 as the "oldest bar in Illinois," according to the bar's website.

There are also knife and fork fries covered in chicken and topped with salsa rojo, and a wide selection of beers and wine cocktails. There are also knives and forks that cover the pull-out chicken thrown into salsa rajas, with a wide selection of beers and wines.

Palatine Weiler - It's about the Brandt burger, a mixture of loin from the restaurant's daily grinding machine, which was specially ground by Stockyards Chicago. It's also an all-in-your-own-way - too - good-to-be - eaten version of the Brandt burger, complete with bacon, cheese and gravy.

The Springfield, IL Trilogy Challenge is a discgolf tournament that begins with a single discgolf tournament on June 2. If you live in Springfield, you can add it to your schedule on September 4 at the Illinois Disc Golf Classic, a three-day event for the people of Springfield and the surrounding area.

The Antronio is run as a "Mexican restaurant" during the day and is converted into a gay Latin nightclub from 10pm Thursday to Sunday. Duncan feels that music fans in Berwyn will enjoy the fresh juice from his experience there and he will populate his bar with a variety of food and drinks. Montgomery says it's not just customers who are drawn to the pop-up, but also the bar owners who are testing the concept.

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