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The city of Galena, Illinois, offers visitors a combination of historical and cultural attractions. With a quick detour to Berwyn, Chicago might as well be Chicago, but it can also be a daunting task when it comes to sightseeing. Tucked away in the hilly northwest corner of the state, Galenas is the ideal place for a weekend getaway from everyday life.

Illinois has many wonderful places to live, so choose wisely and head to Berwyn, Illinois for a unique trip that includes a quick detour from Chicago and a trip to Galenas. Take your time and enjoy Berwin's small-town charm while still being close to the big city and Chicago's highlights.

From where you start, take Ogden, see the map for directions, and continue to Galenas, a small town north of Berwyn on the west side of Chicago. There are only two major highways in the Chicago area, I-94 and Interstate 75, which Berwin crosses from Cicero to Lyon.

If you want to head north for a bit, there is the Autre Monde restaurant, which is now very popular, and If you want authentic bohemian food, I have heard that there are some good restaurants in the area, such as the Berwyn beer garden and the Galenas diner, as well as a number of other places.

Enjoy Berwyn's variety on Cermak Road, where you'll find the Paleta popsicle, known for its fresh fruit preparation. A few doors away you will find a self-designed ice cream parlour with a wide selection of ice creams. This place opened in October, which helped create a nice little musical series on Roosevelt.

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Enjoy a Segway tour on Chicago's most beautiful and scenic bike path in the city of Berwyn. This tour is guaranteed to be a unique experience and make your trip an unforgettable one, with a path along the lake that showcases the incredible skyline.

Ernest Hemingway was born in nearby Oak Park, so if you have a literary friend with you, this is a must-see. From this vantage point, you can see some of the landmarks that give Chicago its famous reputation as an architectural city. You will also take a look at one of Berwin's most famous landmarks, the Chicago Public Library, which was used for the 1989 film Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner, which was shot mostly in Dyersville, Iowa, about an hour west.

The Galena Historical Society offers a one-hour guided tour of the historic city centre on Saturdays from May to October. In addition to Wishbone, the local high school band sometimes hosts its annual concert on weekends.

If you still prefer to work face to face, you have more than 40 places to visit throughout Chicagoland. You can take a ride to the headquarters on 32nd Street or stroll through the real estate throughout the city - the historic downtown, the Galena Historical Society and the Chicago Public Library.

To encourage people to move to LaVergne, Baldwin sold the Burlington and Quincy railroads in 1862 and the city was incorporated into the name. Notable original tenants include J.C. Penney and Walgreens, but for non-residents, the Berwyn Toys train is probably the biggest attraction. Traffic on Plank Road decreased when the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroads began operating in 1863.

Two important routes crossed through Berwyn, although there were only two paths for the two settlements. The main route passed the Portage in Chicago and is now known as Oak Park Avenue and Ridgeland Avenue. Berwin borders the Illinois River, the northern arm of the Milwaukee River and the Wisconsin River.

The first city is Lyons, followed by Berwyn, Cicero and Chicago, and to the north are Hinsdale and Lagrange. Adjacent suburbs include Oak Park, Oak Lawn, Glenview, Lake Forest, Elgin and Lakeview. Although Berwin is probably not a crime, it borders the Illinois River and the Wisconsin River, as well as the Milwaukee River.

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